A partner in lab 4.0

Doing our part to support tomorrow’s digital laboratory, we develop innovative solutions to digitalize and automate processes and instill intelligence in diagnostics. 

Digitalizing and automating laboratory processes

Digital workflows, connected devices, and automated processes will figure prominently in tomorrow’s laboratory. These are the keys to mastering complex processes, optimizing workflows, and increasing efficiency.

Laborant bedient Tablet im Labor

Central lab device management

Our customer needed software tailored to the company’s lab equipment to intuitively manage and execute measurement and control tasks. We delivered a solution featuring a modular user interface.

Intelligent diagnostic systems for the laboratory

As your go-to ISO 13485-certified engineering partner, we contribute to digitalization and instill intelligence in diagnostics. From embedded laboratory devices to robotic assistance systems, wehelp you develop standards-compliant laboratory diagnostic systems and to successfully implement your digitalization and automation strategy. We know all about

Portfolio Labor 4.0

Tapping data potential

Connected diagnostic devices provide a wealth of operating data for analysis. The reasons for evaluating this data are many and diverse. This can be done to improve diagnostics as such, to discover unseen patterns and connections, to monitor quality, to protect against faults and failures with predictive models, and to meet IVDR product surveillance requirements. We apply the latest remote maintenance and data science methods to support your data strategy and analytics, all in service of your products and visions.

Key Takeaways

Icon digitale Vernetzung

Digital and automated processes

Icon Vernetzungscloud

Connected diagnostic devices

Icon smarte Glühbirne

Smart data management

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