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Enforcing security on a technical level

Cyber security affects all industries that work with embedded systems. Learn more about specific technical security aspects that we typically work on and tailor to the technical as well as non-technical objectives of our customers.

Cyber security strategy and process consulting

UNECE r155 and Cybersecurity Resilience Act (CRA) strategy consulting

Public key infrastructure (PKI) process consulting

Supplier management process consulting

Continual cybersecurity activities consulting

Cybersecurity testing process consulting

Penetration Testing

Automotive penetration testing

Web penetration testing

IT penetration testing

Cyber Security Engineering

Icon Risk Analysis Tooling


Risk analysis is crucial to identifying the security mechanisms that are actually worth investing in. The tools we have developed specifically for this purpose enable us to strike the right balance between system reasonable modeling effort and sufficiently accurate results.

Icon Secure Boot


Attacks that survive a reboot of a control system can be used by attackers for a variety of purposes, including tuning and exploration of whether additional system components can be attacked. You can count on us to create, test, and implement secure boot concepts for you.

Icon Secure Update


A system update feature is a double-edged sword. An updating function to redress vulnerabilities is one priority; another is security mechanisms to prevent misuse such as attempts to install malware.

Icon Lupe


Diagnostic capabilities are an essential feature of any ECU, no matter if in the development or out in the field. Authentication/ authorization concepts are necessary to protect diagnostic interfaces. This will have an impact on the diagnostic tester, backend systems, and the ECU itself.

Icon Organigramm


In-vehicle communication has to be secure to prevent manipulated messages from infiltrating the network by physically accessing the bus or via compromised devices connected to the bus. Special cryptographic solutions often have to be developed to enable secure communication – even on older bus systems.

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Cryptographic communication protocols are omnipresent in the connected world of today. Sometimes the given conditions preclude the use of standard protocols. In that case, our experts can develop application-specific cryptographic protocols for you.

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Key management is the bedrock of most security concepts. Powerful cryptographic keys are essential to establishing a secure boot concept and securing updates. These keys have to be managed, delivered, and perhaps even replaced.

Icon Hardware Security Modul


Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), ARM Trustzone and Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) are hardware enclaves that are separated from the much more complex and potentially vulnerable main system. We provide end-to-end services from consulting to development to help with integration on the host side and with firmware in the hardware enclave.

Icon Virtualitätswolke


As software-defined vehicles and vehicle computers gain traction, virtualization has become crucial to isolating software components at the hypervisor and container levels. Virtualization also directly impacts how cyber security mechanisms are integrated, for example, when connecting HSMs.

Icon Alarmglocke


Intrusion detection systems (IDS) serve as products’ immune system by spotting and defending against attacks. We provide IDS engineering services encompassing everything from conceptualization and the general IDS strategy to integrating the right sensors.

Icon Fälschungsschutz


Theft of intellectual property and product counterfeiting has continuously increased in recent years. As product counterfeits have a direct impact on revenue and constitutes a risk to return-on-investment calculations, preventing it is one of the top priorities with most of our customers.

Icon Cloud Integration


In the Internet-of-Things, embedded systems are often connected with a backend that is hosted in the cloud. When considering the overall cyber security concept, you have to factor in the communication channel to the IDS as well as the IT backend/ web service component. Count on our team of experts to tailor a concept to your needs and put it into practice in the way that best suits your situation.

Security is like the brakes of your car. It slows you down but it also enables you to go a lot faster.

The trend towards connected products is giving rise to innovative features – and also to the possibility of malicious attacks, particularly from faraway hackers.

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AUTOSAR is a standard for modern vehicle E/E architectures that can be applied to embedded control units (classic AUTOSAR) and vehicle computers (adaptive AUTOSAR). AUTOSAR can be applied in the Automotive domain, to off-highway machines and sometimes even to medical equipment.