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Smart Products

From the idea to the product ready for series production

Are you seeking..

…experience and expertise in the development of complex systems and services?

…individual software and system solutions?

…transfer of all development artifacts and / or rights?

…support in development projects of any size -from special solutions to large-scale series?

Focus of our Technology and Spectrum:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Data Analytics & AI
  • Systems Engineering
  • Implementation of IoT Use Cases
  • Functional Safety & Cyber Security
  • Algorithm Development
  • Development Environment & DevOps
  • Agile Workflow & Processes

Moving from an idea to a mass-manufactured product with ITK

Rather than subscribing to the conventional school of thought in product development, we instead take a hybrid agile approach. Our work modes are determined by your product’s maturity level and are aimed to keep all your options open.


ITK phase 1:
Technological support for pre-development

However far along you may be –just developing an idea for a product or already working on a prototype: Our support is not limited to consulting; we are there for you and with you to drive your development efforts forward. The focus here is on functionality enabled by specific innovations, studies, and architectures.


ITK mode 2:
Agile collaboration in series development

Our interdisciplinary teams provide agile support tailored to best suit your series development needs. Anything goes, from series production samples and support to certification samples.

Ensuring compliance & quality:
Embedded Systems, Cloud Solutions, Mechatronic Systems, Software Applications

Professional systems engineering:
DevOps / CICD Toolchain , Safety, Security, Verification & Validation, Configuration Management

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Everything we do at a glance

Addressing your unique needs and committing to long-term collaboration, our cross-sector team sets out to develop a solution tailored to your challenges.

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