itk Engineering

Protection from Scalable Attacks

“In our projects we combine domain knowledge with our expertise in the areas of embedded and security engineering to prevent external attacks. Our participation in the IT Security Techniques and Mechanisms group (DIN NIA 01-27-02 AK) allows us to actively advance the field of security.”

Achieve Protection Goals
The Best Defense is a Good Offense
At All Levels

Our Services

  • Threat and vulnerability analyses
  • Risk assessment
  • Security concepts
    • Protocol design
    • Secure software architecture
    • Secure hardware design
  • Choice of controls and cryptographic algorithms
  • Development support
    • Secure coding
  • Code reviews based on secure coding guidelines
  • Security testing
    • Protocol validation and verification
    • Fuzzing tests
    • Penetration tests

Security Service Overview

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Committees & Collaborations

  • Participation in DIN-comittee IT Security Techniques and Mechanisms (DIN NIA 01-27-02 AK)
  • Participation in AEF (PT5 ISOBUS Automation)
  • International Networking with Universities and Semiconductor Industries

As Premium Partner of the AUTOSAR-Consortium we actively participate, together with other AUTOSAR-partner, in the further development of the AUTOSAR-standards especially regarding Safety [WP-A3] and [FT-SAF] as well as Security [FT-SEC]. Please find more information about our membership in our press release.

Innovation & Research