Continuous, Process Compliant, Automated - from Specification to Verification and Validation

"Toolchains with intelligent strategies for the complete lifecycle of your application – implementation, test, build and deployment. Our advice is backed by knowledge gained through years of practical experience and implementation."

Ensure Process Safety

We recommend that you implement toolchains in your existing development processes across departments and locations – of course, conforming to applicable standards such as SPICE (ISO/IEC 15504), Automotive SPICE (A-SPICE) or in Medical Systems (DIN EN ISO 13485). We provide customized vendor-independent toolchains – from commercial products, to custom-created applications – regardless of existing architectures, processes, and tools. Beginning with the initial setup and deployment in your organization, you can count on us.

Automated Documentation

And the documentation? You can count on our vendor-independent tool expertise, as well as our own automation tools that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your process – for use on all levels.

Manage Wide Variety. Guarantee Future-Proof Design

Tools link one another and restore missing connections – with the complete automation of the toolchain, it is possible to develop production code having full traceability – from code generation and flashing requirements on the target hardware, to testing. In our practice-based consulting, we also take into account the post-development activities – with the introduction of ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) in your organization and processes, further development and bug fixes after the initial delivery are easily handled. Thus, future variants can be implemented confidently.

Our Services

  • Architecture of the Toolchain
  • Create Continuous Toolchains - incl. All Standards and Required Regulations
  • Automation of Toolchains
  • Automated Documentation from Models
  • Creation of Automation-APIs  
  • Use of Standards ASAM, Hil-API, FMU/FMI
  • Introduction of the Toolchain to All Involved Departments And Locations - incl. User Training
  • Risk Assessment and Evaluation of New Tool Versions/Updates And Feasibility Testing And Introduction 

In addition, you can count on us, in the preparation and implementation of toolchains in your development process. Because our principle is: we recommend nothing, we can't accomplish.

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