Application-Oriented and Modular

“Our coaches have project experience and have developed solutions with the tools and methods. Therefore, our students receive both application-oriented material and real-world exercises which they can immediately apply to their current tasks and objectives.”

Emphasis on Key Points
From Project Experience
All Training Materials Provided

Our Current Program

Training Plans for Every Need

Individual Participation

  • Participation in an Already Planned, Open Seminar
  • At an ITK Office or ITK Organized Meeting Room
  • Event is Pre-Planned


  • 1-4 Participants
  • Individual Implementation, Project-Related
  • On-Site or at an ITK Office
  • By Appointment


  • Up to 12 Participants From Your Organization/Department
  • Content from Our Modular Training Plan, Focused on Your Needs
  • On-Site, at an ITK Office or ITK Organized Meeting Room
  • By Appointment


  • Small group concept: group size individually adjusted, depending on the topic
  • Prior coordination and limitation of the topic by lecturer. Focus on your individual needs.
  • Prepared and Developed for Individual Learning
  • Multiple (Usually Two) Trainers Assigned Depending on Requirements and Number of Participants
  • By Appointment

Do you have further questions or needs? We are pleased to offer training, coaching or workshops for all our development and consulting services. Please contact us!

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Email: training(at)itk-engineering[dot]de