With the right balance of theory and practice, our AUTOSAR seminar creates a solid knowledge base for developing AUTOSAR-compliant software.

Basic Course

  • 1 Day
  • Seminar
  • Up to 12 Participants
  • Trainings: 2019, July 01 (Stuttgart)
  • Training fee: 1.004,00 €

Our one-day seminar provides basic knowledge in software development for the automotive market. With the help of a current AUTOSAR example, theoretical fundamentals will be brought closer that will, in the end, be more deeply delved into through practical trial sessions.

After visiting the seminar, the participants will be able to grasp:

  • The reasons for AUTOSAR
  • AUTOSAR architecture and interfaces: what does AUTOSAR mean for software?
  • AUTOSAR methods: how can you use it
  • AUTOSAR to develop automotive software?
  • Developing AUTOSAR-compatible software: from an abstract functional concept to an executable function on the ECU
  • Configuration of basic software

Content Focus

  • AUTOSAR introduction
  • Application layer
  • AUTOSAR RTE (Runtime Environment)
  • AUTOSAR BSW (Basic Software)
  • AUTOSAR method

Intended Audience

The seminar is oriented towards developers, project managers and suppliers of the automotive industry as well as towards developers of AUTOSAR steering devices.


AUTOSAR base knowledge is helpful for this seminar, but not required.

For questions, dates and registration contact us at

Phone: +49 89 8208598-123
Email: training(at)itk-engineering[dot]de