Embedded Coder

The seminar will provide an overview of C-code generation with the Embedded Coder. Basic concepts, such as modeling with a focus on code generation, as well as current development issues such as AUTOSAR are fully covered.

Participants acquire skills to generate function-enabled efficient C-code for embedded systems using Simulink or Stateflow models.

Content Focus

  • Modeling with a Focus on Code Generation
  • Model and Interface Configuration
  • Model Advisor
  • Fixed Point Modeling and Scaling, Fixed Point Advisor
  • Integration of Legacy Code
  • Verification of the Code Generation
  • Basic AUTOSAR code generation with Embedded Coder

Intended Audience

The seminar is aimed at developers who are working on an Embedded Coder Project for the first time, or are interested in a refresher course.


Solid knowledge of MATLAB and Simulink are required for participation.

For questions, dates and registration contact us at

Phone: +49 89 8208598-123
Email: training(at)itk-engineering[dot]de