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Consulting for modern organizations

How do you maximize the impact of your efforts towards digitalization? How does state-of-the-art collaboration actually work? What kind of value can you mine from data?  What does it take for change to succeed?
Let us join forces to find the right answers for you. We support you on the road to transformation and will also be happy to advise you on the technical implementation.

Our services

Transformation consulting & coaching

Technical consulting

Consultancy situation in the field of medical technology

Industry-specific consulting

Medical consulting

In healthcare, standards and processes are critical to ensuring systems’ safety. We have everything it takes – including ISO13485 certification – to advise and assist you in developing your medical product.


A certified CI/CD toolchain built to purpose

We engineered and established a TÜV-certified toolchain to develop premium software that rises to the demands of increasing complexity, critical safety standards, very agile projects, and speedy time to market.

Experiential consulting for complex challenges

Market demands, trends, and technologies are constantly changing in this volatile and complex world of ours. It takes innovative solutions to keep up. Tap our experience of many years to address your unique challenges. Let us work together to develop holistic strategies. We are here to advise and accompany you on your way to a solution that fits. Fresh impetus and new ideas tailored precisely to your needs are within your easy reach.

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Andreas Mampe

Expertise – Consulting

Andreas Mampe